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Learning to Learn Course


General Information


  • Duration: 5 days x 7 hours or 3 days x 10 hours

  • Place: chosen by the client, in the Americas, Europe or Asia

  • Date: chosen by the client directly with his or her instructor

  • Format: individual, familiar or corporate

  • Clients: every person who wishes to improve the brain capacities

  • Prerequisite: video call or telephone interview and, in some cases, detailed WAIS/WISC results.

  • Main Goals: Control of brain frequencies; direct application in reading and learning; how to use it in various personal and professional activities; direct application in the goals envisioned by the client.

  • Reference material: Course Manual; The optical-acoustical device manual; Handbook of Neurofeedback; Comparative Historical EEGs; Study technics; Language learning technics; Music learning for professional musicians; Bibliographical suggestions with extracts of books and reports; Material suitable for neural notes.

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Learning is instinctive to every living being and essential to survival. If this ability is compromised for any reason (birth problems, severe physical or psychological trauma) natural growth will be unbalanced, creating seemingly unsolvable conflicts and difficulties strange to the normal behaviour of the individual.

By learning how to control the brain frequencies, the learning process begins to happen in the right way, allowing the full potential of skills and knowledge areas that had not been fully developed before.

We consider that the course starts with the first phone call or video conference, at which time the instructor gets to know the client, his goals and starts to draw the org chart for the course that will make the client able to achieve these goals in 5 days of training.

If the client does not have it yet, we ask for the result of the Wechsler (WAIS or WISC). This evaluation is of great importance for the personalized course planning. Thanks to it, the instructor will be able to address all issues in a way that fits the client's understanding and will be capable to draw up plans and strategies to increase disabled areas at the same level of already developed ones.

In order to keep our level of 100% success, it is in this very moment we decide if we will accept the client or not. The course will only be offered if we are sure that the client's objectives will be achieved. With this certainty assured, we schedule the best place and dates for the client.

In the five-day course, the client will do the training with Brainwave System II, learning how to control and balance the brain frequencies. The client will learn how to operate the Brainwave System II to use it with confidence in later training. Using the first videoconference, the results of the WAIS / WISC and the analysis of the EEG records of each training as a basis, each day will be carefully planned to achieve the desired results.

By the end of the fifth day, you will be able to command your brain to achieve immediately each of the four main brain wave frequencies:

  • Delta = (1 Hertz) - Deep physical relaxation, pain control and stress release.

  • Theta = (3 Hertz) - Memory, both memorization and recall, creativity and IQ growth.

  • Alpha = ( 7 Hertz) - Learning, reading and listening.

  • Beta = (14 Hertz) - Decision making, logic and problem solving.

In addition to learning how to apply this new skill in the areas previously established as the goals for the course, mastering the ability to control the brain waves, you will be taught how to read, learn, memorize, and remember any subject.

  • Read: With increased speed and comprehension. (See the report from Forbes)

  • Learn: Reading faster and correctly, you will understand the text in less time.
  • Memorize: After reading, decide what is important and then memorize the knowledge.
  • Remember: When needed - exams, presentations, decision-making - get instant access to any material previously read

After the course, you will own your own Brainwave System II and will be able to enhance even more your skills, always with the assistance of the Alphalearning International.


Beneficial Side Effects

   In addition to the original purpose of the course, some additional effects are usually reported, which vary with each person and needs before the course. We have received statements of:

  • 100% of cases: greater decision making capabilities, concentration improvement, stress reduction, mental and physical balance and control, pain control, IQ increase, control of altered states of consciousness, Dyslexia Cure (for dyslexics), posture improvement.

  • In many cases, improvement of: vision, hearing, motor control, immune system.

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